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Using Hypnosis to Overcome Addiction

Hypnosis is a well-studied and proven method for altering behavior at a fundamental level when administered by an experienced professional in a clinical setting. Typically, a person's experience with hypnosis is limited to having seen people hypnotized on television or in a group setting as a form of entertainment. These performances have very little in common with the services of a trained hypnosis professional, and while stage hypnosis does employ a form of suggestion, the rapid induction used results in an experience which relies largely on short-term peer pressure and group expectation and which has little or no lasting effect.

Perhaps you've even participated in group or individual hypnosis on a previous attempt to quit smoking. So why are you here? What kept you from having lasting success in your effort to kick the habit? While hypnosis can effect profound change on the mind and yield fast and powerful results, it is unable to fully address the physical symptoms of withdrawal experieced by someone overcoming a nicotine addiction. That's why the Easy Step method utilizes a two-pronged attack, employing the most advanced hypnotherapy techniques availaible to break the psychological habit of smoking and utilizing a separate and equally powerful technique called bioresonance to virtually eliminate the physical cravings associated with stopping smoking.

Were it not for the combined effectiveness of these two methodologies, we probably wouldn't be able to offer the lifetime guarantee that comes with your enrollment in the Easy Stop method. Please call 303-777-4009 to schedule your appointment now or look through the links below to learn why we are so confident that we can help you to stop smoking.

"I smoked for 32 years. I knew it was slowly killing me and I tried everything to quit. Hypnosis was my last resort. I was surprised at how easily I quit with hypnosis. I realized my entire cigarette addiction was in my head! I look and feel vibrant. I have not had an asthma attack and I can handle stress without wanting a cigarette. I feel great!"
--Sandy G., Littleton
"I just wanted to thank you for your session with me. I feeel so much better and I'm free at last! I appreciate your patience and humor. Your process is very powerful."
--Julia, Boulder