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The Easy Stop Method

Nicotine addiction involves strong physical and psychological components requiring a multifaceted treatment plan in order for you to successfully stop smoking. While over-the-counter patches and gum temporarily diminish your physical cravings, they unfortunately do nothing to address your underlying psychological addiction and all too often result in short-term success followed by relapse, further strengthening a sense of helplessness and the belief that you are unable to quit smoking.

The Easy Stop method employs hypnosis to conquer the habit of smoking and bioresonance to ease your body's physical cravings. This one-two punch is at the root of our 95% success rate after just one session and is the reason we are able to offer a lifetime guarantee. That's right, should you ever start smoking again, we will gladly provide you another appointment at no additional charge. This is our simple promise to you: the Easy Stop method will help you stop smoking, and even if you stumble, our staff will stay by your side until you kick the habit, PERIOD. There is no fine print, no long list of exclusions and exceptions. You will quit smoking and we'll still be there to help you through even if you happen to be the 1 out of 20 patients who doesn't completely give up smoking after the first session.

So if you're ready to stop smoking, we're 100% committed to helping you get there. Call 303-777-4009 to schedule your appointment and take that final step toward overcoming your addiction.

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"I tried it all: patch, gum, cold turkey, Zyban, even one of those group hypnosis sessions in a motel. Since my session, it's been easy."
--John, Littleton
"I smoked 1 packs a day for 15 years and quit after just one session. This really works! And I didn't gain an ounce!!"
--Trish, Denver