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What should I expect?

Prior to your session you will be sent a questionnaire which you will fill out and bring with you on the day of your appointment. When you arrive, we begin by giving you a detailed explanation of smoking as a combination nicotine addiction and habit. We’ll discuss how the latest techniques in hypnosis will address and correct your habit and how bioresonance technology will ease your withdrawal from nicotine. This will be followed by an in depth discussion of how our methods counteract and supplant your addiction, eliminate the craving for nicotine, and simultaneously quell any desire to transfer your smoking habit to one of overeating.

We invite and welcome questions throughout the session, and when we have them all answered, you will step outside and smoke your final cigarette. A sample of the smoke from this cigarette will be captured in a glass vial for use with the bioresonance machine. When you come back inside we will begin our combined hypnosis/bioresonance session and you will leave ready to begin your new life as a non-smoker. All told, your appointment will last one to one and a half hours and upon its completion you should never smoke again. How confident are we of successfully helping you to quit smoking? Just ask Easy Stop's own, David Lee:

Our methods are so powerful that I confidently offer a lifetime guarantee. If you ever start smoking again, I will give you another appointment at no charge. Those who need a backup session are usually those who found it easy to stop smoking in the first place. They don’t suffer any cravings and thereby feel invincible, saying to themselves, “I’ll just have on for old times’ sake.” This nostalgic moment rekindles their habit. Regardless, I’m just a phone call away and promise to get you back on track at no additional charge.

--David Lee, Easy Stop Innovator and Hypnotherapist

So make the call to 303-777-4009 and we’ll get you scheduled to come in and smoke that last cigarette.