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David Lee

An avid student of the mind-body relationship for over 40 years, David Lee has taught yoga and meditation at numerous institutions including Boston University, Boston College, MIT, and Harvard. Recipient of Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and Trainer certification for Neuro Linguistic Programming, David is an eminently qualified hypnotherapist specializing in addiction recovery and happily offers you the benefit of his lifetime of teaching and therapeutic experience when you enroll in the Easy Stop method.

When you meet David, you'll find that his confidence and gregarious nature will put you at ease while his compassion and understanding help you to feel safe and secure throughout the process. Mr. Lee's enthusiasm for the use of the Easy Stop method as a way to quit smoking effortlessly is contagious and his results will have you feeling better than you have felt in years. Find out more about how the Easy Stop method employs hypnosis to conquer the habit of smoking and bioresonance to ease your body's physical cravings by choosing one of the following menu items or simply call 303-777-4009 to schedule your appointment and speak with David in person.